We are an internationally-minded community collaborating to build global citizens and dynamic leaders with Christian values while maintaining academic excellence and ensuring that no child is left behind.


Our mission is to Inspire, Educate & Enlighten our students through an outstanding education in a safe and caring Christian international environment, inspiring all our students to reach their true potential and to act as responsible participants in a global society.


Gloria Freeman-Fromayan

We are happy to welcome each of you to the Luke International School family.  It is important that as the life long journey of learning begins the proper values and academic attributes are instilled. Our staff is happy to have the opportunity to ensure our students gain a solid foundation as they begin their journey at LIS. We have worked hard to create a safe atmosphere that promotes learning in a positive way. We are a team of educators who understand the importance of our vocation and what it means to the future of our students.

Luke International School understands the importance of both the English and French languages in our world.  Hence we have created a program that uses the “A Beka” curriculum, which conveys our core values of academic excellence presented from a Christian perspective coupled with a strong French language program.  We will incorporate teaching methods that enhance the child’s capacity to learn.

We want parents, to see us as partners in the success of our students. It will take all of our involvement in making sure our children reach their full potential. We have set up volunteering opportunities for parents in and out of the classroom. We promise to keep you informed about things that are happening at Luke International School, through our newsletter, progress reports and regular PTA meetings. We look forward to working alongside you and we are grateful that you have chosen Luke International School. Thank you.

Gloria Freeman


  • Ruby Robinson

    " I called LIS to set up an appointment and my husband and son came with me for the tour. We felt the Christian environment immediately."

  • Zoe Müller

    " My husband and son came with me to tour LIS. We are now fully committed to this school and highly recommend it to parents looking for a school where each student is treated as a top priority."

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