On behalf of the Luke International community (LIS), welcome! I am delighted that you have chosen to explore the possibility of a LIS education for your child. LIS offers a progressive, innovative education grounded in deep tradition. LIS prepares children to develop the necessary skills and attributes to succeed in the globally diverse and competitive world in which we live.

The educational program chosen by LIS is of the best American curriculum and provides intense French and English classes for students. Children will be exposed to various cutting edge technology as well as excellent instruction.

Our dedicated and talented faculty help each children discover who he is and what he is passionate about. LIS nourishes each student’s mind and character helping each one to be courageous, creative, compassionate and ethical.

I invite you to experience LIS for yourself because families who visit fall in love. Attend an Open House, schedule a tour of our school. The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll know what sets LIS apart.

Please call the Admissions Office to begin the process. We look forward to meeting you!



  • "A Beka" Curriculum

    The "A BEKA" Curriculum, a strong accredited curriculum will be used

  • Certified Teachers

    We will invest in certified teachers.

  • Leadership

    We will build strong leadership, languages, technological and entrepreneurial skills.

  • No child left behind

    No child left behind: Flexibility to adapt to the child's capabilities.

  • Bilingual Student

    We will build a fully bilingual student body

  • Maximum Class Size

    Maximum Class Size: 20 Students

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